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Thanks for visiting my blog! My main goal in my writing is to share my own thoughts and experiences in a way that inspires other people (like you) to consider their own lives and make positive changes. I’m not a teacher, psychologist, self-help guru or life coach: just an average man sharing his thoughts with the big wide world!

If you were to ask my what my interests are, I may respond by saying, “What AREN’T they?” I love to learn new things, and honestly there are very few subjects that I find boring. I enjoy new ideas and learning how things work. Try to talk to me about almost anything, and although I may not know much about it yet, I’m game to learn!

Something I really like to do is think a lot about life and its big questions. That’s really what got me to start blogging: I feel like I am learning a great deal about how life works, and wish that I would have had someone to share these thoughts with me. I’m hoping that by simply sharing the thoughts that I’ve had rattling around in my brain that I can help inspire others to live their lives with more purpose and meaning.

I really enjoy making personal connections with others and hearing their stories. I’m still trying to figure out this blogging thing, but you are always welcome to get in touch and share your thoughts!


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